I host a podcast called Why Not Both, which is an exploration of how our multiple passions inform our identity. People’s stories are vital to me and are so valuable in helping us all understand ourselves better. I was inspired to start this podcast as I feel like I operate in multiple worlds as a therapist and a musician. The more I interview people, the more fascinating it has been learning how we all balance the various sides of our selves. Please take a listen and enjoy.

Episode 4: Lucian Kahn

This week’s episode of Why Not Both features an interview with Lucian Kahn, creator of Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy. Learn how he navigated everything from getting recognized at the deli to weaving the occult into role playing games. Lucian is an RPG game designer, former ESL teacher, and a full time funny creative person.

Episode 3: Moushumi Ghose

A sex therapist who is also a musician and documentary film maker? We were thrilled to chat with with Moushumi Ghose, who is a rockstar in many fields. We have a lot in common, including a solid cackle laugh and mutual love for helping others while crafting our own creative worlds. Mou Ghose is a sex therapist, musician, and documentary creator.

Episode 2: Adriana Colon

This week on Why Not Both, we got to sit down with Adriana Colon, a bilingual voice actor and co-artistic director of Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles. A shining example of how to use two worlds to ultimately create a new one. Adriana is a bilingual voice actor and co-artistic director at Sacred Fools Theater.

Episode 1: Jason Porath

Join us on our first Why Not Both podcast! This week’s interview is with Jason Porath, the creator of Rejected Princesses and visual effects artist in Los Angeles. Starting the series off with some feminism and dark humor.